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The Golden Compass: Mechanized Magic

Stephanie Zacharek reviews The Golden Compass: “Most of what’s magical about Pullman’s novel has been mechanized, obviously at great expense: It must cost a heap of dough to make animal figures look like they’re talking, and there’s barely an instant in The Golden Compass when you can’t hear […]

Fossilized Dino Discovered

Speaking of dinosaurs, paleontologists have discovered a dinosaur with nearly intact skin.  Preliminary analysis indicates that the hadrosaur was likely striped and its butt was 25% larger than previously thought, which might mean that Godzilla’s butt is 25% more realistic than previously thought. 


Making an indie videogame? Some advice about graphics, starting with this basic tip: “If you are a programmer and can only make squares, make a game that uses squares as graphics. It worked for Tetris and it can work for you.”

Going All the Way with Beowulf

Are you geeky? Geeky enough to enjoy Beowulf in any form?  Geeky enough to hear it recited in Old English?  Geeky enough to watch Benjamin Bagby accompany his recitation with the Anglo-Saxon lyre? Dang, I’m impressed! Thanks to Greg Kamiya and his Salon essay, Beowulf vs. The Lord […]