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Robert Jordan Remembered

Some words for Robert Jordan’s passing, and on the series he left unfinished: “Jordan stretched his ambitious tale even further, to a dozen books, until it was not just a Dark Tower but a literary Tower of Babel possessing all of the attendant frenzied hubris such an analogy […]

Games Through a Comix Lens

The book Understanding Comics, published in 1993, was comic writer and artist Scott McCloud’s attempt to deconstruct, demystify, and lay out the magic of the sequential art form. Written in the form of a comic itself, it was one mechanism by which comics rose from the shadows of […]

MC Chris Retrospective

With MC Chris (aka, “MC Pee Pants” from Aqua Teen Hunger Force) about to go on tour, now seems like a good time to revisit his Kingdom Hearts/Resident Evil 4 rant. And, well, how about Baddd Spellah’s “Fett’s Vette” remix, too?