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Recently, one of my friends told me that Superman was an inch from becoming a dictator. It didn’t seem likely to me, but I didn’t have any arguments, just a sense that Superman wasn’t inclined toward world domination. Luckily enough, the public library system provided me with, The […]

Listening to Generation Loss

The first chapter of Elizabeth Hand’s new novel Generation Loss is available as a mp3 at her website. It’s nice listening. She’s got just the right voice for desolate punk noir. (According to Boing Boing, it’s in honor of April 23rd, International Pixel Stained Technopeasant Day)

This Retro Game is Not Retro Enough!

Okay, Doom is now more than a dozen years old, but apparently it’s not old-school enough for some people. Check out this ASCII-only version called DoomRL: “One of the more entertaining things about the game is that, while the graphics are ASCII and the gameplay is turn-based, the […]

Busy, Busy HPLHS

The HP Lovecraft Historical Society has been awfully busy since releasing their Call of Chthulhu silent on DVD a couple years ago. Their next film will be The Whisperer in Darkness shot as a 1930s horror movie. If you need some tiding over till then, you can always […]

Down and Out in the Mushroom Kingdom

Urban outdoorsmen rejoice! No longer must your vocation go overlooked in favour of the glamorous professions of Space Ranger, Secret Agent, Ace Pilot, and Ultimate Fighting Champion: 2006 saw the high-profile self-proclaimed first video game ever to be released featuring a homeless person as its protagonist — American […]

Harryhausen Creatures

Do you miss the days of dynamation? Stopmotion skeletons and Selenites? Mighty Joe Young and the Minoton? Chinese Jet Pilots has a Ray Harryhausen Creature List with clips of nearly every creature Harryhausen made. There’s also a link to some nice stopmotion footage. Check out the beetlemen by […]