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Reaching the Youth — With Comics!

I was looking through the picture books in the back of a bookstore where I sometimes work, when a woman came over with her son and slid out one I had snorted at earlier, Pete Sanders’ What Do You Know About Bullying? With Illustrated Storylines.  And she said […]

Cosmonauts Love It

Listen and learn all about Vyachaslav Mescherin’s Soviet E-Z listening, the first music transmitted from orbit–by Sputnik.  Cosmonauts love electro-musical instruments. Scroll down to the bottom of the Third Coast Festival’s 2004 archive.

Inside Science Monster

Science Monster might not be pretty, but with monsters, it’s what’s on the inside that counts.  Two things are inside Science Monster that I really, really like:  old pulps periodicals and comics and old audio like science fiction radio serials and the Peanuts, aka, the foot tall fairies from […]