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Just a critter in the Gutter.


There’s a pair of pants in the bottom drawer of my dresser. They don’t fit me. In fact, they’re kind of ugly. They’re chocolate brown with thick vertical half-hound’s-tooth white stripes, a trio of faux-bone oblong buttons (non-functional) running up the side of each pocket and belt loops […]

Oh What Fools Immortals Be

It’s an old story, ancient, even, but you know it.  The young lovers, tragically separated by death.  The hero’s terrifying journey into the Underworld to find his love.  The dark moment of sacrifice, and the intercession of the gods.  The long, fraught trip back to the world above.  […]


The idea for this article occurred to me a few seconds into “Life is a Gamble,” track 10 on Marvin Gaye’s score for Ivan Dixon’s Trouble Man. The churning sax and bubbles of Moog rolled over me, and suddenly I was in Los Angeles, circa 2019. I pulled […]

Southern Comfort

I’ve never been much of a fan of Southern Literature.  Partly because I was force-fed too much of it in school (though I don’t include To Kill A Mockingbird in that), but partly because, well, you know that whole ‘Eden lost’ ethos that flavours so much of it?  […]

The Fine Art of Dreamthieving

Michael Moorcock’s latest, and last, fantasy trilogy winds different strands of his fiction together intointertwining, virtually meta-fictional narratives reflecting on mythic and heroic archetypes and the power of stories to create new realities.  If you like Moorcock, you will enjoy these books.  If you don’t like Moorcock, they […]

Ten To Read

I always enjoy the ‘Best Of’ lists that come out this time of year.  Seems to me that kind of potted commentary, however limited, offers a great starting place.  So in the spirit of year-end helpfulness, here’s a list of ten romances worth reading.  Historical and modern; sexy […]