Attention Gutter Mart Shoppers–you’re first in line for high quality Gutterwear and Gutterware!

Our Tee Public location has sweet t-shirts, mugs, totes and more featuring designs by friends of the Gutter Brian Kirby and Nick Hanover.

And peruse books and movies created by our editors!

Enjoy the Cultural Gutter in book form in The Cultural Gutter with essays from Jim Munroe, James Schellenberg, Carol Borden, Chris Szego and Ian Driscoll, featuring infographics in the print form by E. J. Lee.

Learn a powerful kung fu stance with The Secret Diagrams of Mantis Fist by Carol Borden with illustrations by Evan Munday in a gorgeous book designed by Andrew Nahem.

The Gutter’s own Carol Borden has a bunch of short stories published. They involve a mermaid, femmes fatale, a genderqueer fairy, the end of the world, an x-ray tech in too deep, mole people book clubs and a lot of shenanigans. You can see a bunch of them here.

The Gutter’s own Keith Allison has a new book, Cocktails and Capers: Cult Cinema, Cocktails, Crime, and Cool. Read it!

And make sure to check out the films of Ian Driscoll, including Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter!

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