Category: horror

Silly Rabbits

1972’s Night of the Lepus is one of the last stalwarts of a grand storytelling tradition, all too rare in our decadent, expertise-skeptical times–a tradition that dares to preface the feature with a dry, informative lecture. No time to thread exposition into character-revealing events and dialogue; we begin […]

Through the Past, Darkly

A beautiful woman, wearing scarlet from her lips to her toes, drives alone through the city. She’s relaxed, but distracted, as though she’s looking for something, frequently taking her eyes off the road to notice people gathering on balconies overlooking the street–people wearing dark glasses. Languidly, the camera […]

The Tell-Tale Hearts

Today, Shimako Sato is probably best known as the writer-director behind several entries in the Unfair series, a Japanese action franchise in the mold of Die Hard, but in 1992, she was a new filmmaker, recently graduated from London Film School, and, like any true artist, inspired by […]