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Get your decryption keys out and ready your brainial processes for The Cultural Gutter Secret Message #15!

Hallowed Names of Our Sponsors Immortalized

These contributors to The Cultural Gutter opted to have their names known. Thank you so much for your support.  Thank  you to our anonymous contributors and to all our readers for your amazing support as well.

You all have our Undying and Eternal Thanks!

Denis Klotz

EJP Creations

Michael Overton

Elizabeth Russell

Steven Landry

Keith Allison

Colin Geddes

Aurora Bugallo

Inga Gorslar

Andrew Nahem

World of Hurt Online

Unreasonable Action

Todd Stadtman

Evan Munday

Drew Davidson

Will McKinley

Briana Malmstrom

Ignacio Gallup-Diaz

Jay Hawkinson

Rebecca Saxon

Ross Chen/LoveHKFilm

Jess Moviedromedvd

Matthew Dunn

Timothy Gerolami

John Pivovarnick

Staring Blankly

Lotti P Knowles

Siân Melton


Mike White

Kate Laity

Patricia Williams


Lisa Walden

Rebecca Stone

Aditi Sen

Adele Wearing

Jared Shurin

Colin Smith

Skeeter Panes


Rosemary Smith

Miguel Rodriguez

Hannah Means-Shannon

Jonathan Bunning

Leonard Witzel

Rainer Knäpper

Adam Axbey

Hal Kelly

Mark Boszko

Sarah Dillard Mitchell

Robert Mitchell

Igor Galić

Lewis Cougill

Brad Doiron

Dena Maxwell

Mark White

Matthew Finch

Deborah Rodriguez

Kevin Pyrtle

Kenneth Brorsson

Jennifer Smith

The Deseret Federation of Sparkle Vampires, Local 1830

In Loving Memory of the Notorious Big Tiny

Mentor’s Camper

Beth Watkins

bobble 212


Kirt Dankmyer

Rich Lennon

Clarice Meadows

Djibril al-Ayad

Zap Rowsdower


Henriette Fiebig

Angela Englert

Citizen Screen

Valerie Polichar

David DeMoss

Free Republic of Yeti Land

Amanda Tveidt

Elizabeth Simmins

The League of Lesbian Vampires


Paige Kimble

Trey Lawson

Heather Marie Drain

Col. Beauregard “Cracker” Zombihunta

Henriette Fiebig

Jill Blake

Franz DeNinis

Ian Driscoll

Joe Ortiz

Kerry Fristoe

Mahometan and Celestial

Shirtless Lycanthropes United


The National Socialist Gothamite Dark Knight Party

Gregory McCambley


Quick Adventure


David Annandale

Todd Sharp

Briana Malmstrom

Sachin Hingoo

Tobe Marx

Andrea Evans

Queen Lib


Chica Non Grata

Cinema Detroit

EJP Creations

ETC Press at Carnegie-Mellon University

Evan Munday


Fox Spirit Books

Julie Beman


Kate Laity

Lea Hernandez

Monstrous Industry

My Pretty Zombie

Nacreous Alchemy

No Media Kings

Peter Gutiérrez

Shelf Life Clothing Company 

S. L. Johnson Images

Special Thanks:

Andrew Nahem

Beverly Bambury

Brian Kirby

Colin Geddes

Die Danger Die Die Kill

Elizabeth Russell

Grindhouse Cinema Database

Horrible Imaginings Film Festival and Podcast

Jim Munroe

Mayfair Theatre



Projection Booth Podcast

Soldier of Cinema

Stephanie Johnson

Teleport City

Traumatic Cinematic Podcast

V. Polichar

and our Fellow Agents of The Mysterious Order of the Skeleton Suit, Mobsters in The Drive-In Mob, & the Dames at Speakeasy Radio and All Media.

Bas-Relief of the Unknown Contributor

CG Monument Unknown Contributor


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