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Speaking of Jonathan Coulton…

What would we all be without free stuff on the internet? There’s still a couple weeks to give financial support to the Creative Commons for 2007. Sure, they didn’t bring us a skateboarding dog or that dramatic squirrel, but there’s still Jim Munroe’s movie, Infest Wisely, and Jonathan […]

The Golden Compass: Mechanized Magic

Stephanie Zacharek reviews The Golden Compass: “Most of what’s magical about Pullman’s novel has been mechanized, obviously at great expense: It must cost a heap of dough to make animal figures look like they’re talking, and there’s barely an instant in The Golden Compass when you can’t hear […]

Fossilized Dino Discovered

Speaking of dinosaurs, paleontologists have discovered a dinosaur with nearly intact skin.  Preliminary analysis indicates that the hadrosaur was likely striped and its butt was 25% larger than previously thought, which might mean that Godzilla’s butt is 25% more realistic than previously thought.