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Games x2

Gamers With Jobs looks at the pendulum that’s swinging from fantasy back to science fiction: “After ten years of elves and magic, I could use a bit of a change.” And The Escapist is the new home of Shoot Club! Awesomely nerdy dialogue reproduced faithfully, and some insights […]

Steam Trek

Steam Trek: The Moving Picture is a silent setting the starship Enterprise in the steam era. In space, no one can hear you–though the music cues are neat. Go here for a full version and here for more information. (Updated and thanks to

JLA Songs and Stories

Just hearing the first song on Songs and Stories about the Justice League of America left me stunned. By the second, I decided it might be one of the best things ever with its hammond grooves and swinging Sixties songsters. But the stories are fun too with a […]

Kryptonite Discovered!

A mine in Serbia has turned up a sample with the same chemical composition as the fictional Superman-killer. Dr. Stanley was interviewed by BBC News: “Towards the end of my research I searched the web using the mineral’s chemical formula — sodium lithium boron silicate hydroxide — and […]

Listening to Generation Loss

The first chapter of Elizabeth Hand’s new novel Generation Loss is available as a mp3 at her website. It’s nice listening. She’s got just the right voice for desolate punk noir. (According to Boing Boing, it’s in honor of April 23rd, International Pixel Stained Technopeasant Day)