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The un-game? Real Lives is a simulation of life for most people in the world, kind of like an educational version of The Sims: “In my latest game, however, I’ve been born as a girl to an extremely poor family in rural China, and things are going to […]

Fred Saberhagen, RIP

City on Fire and Days of Atonement author Walter Jon Williams has a eulogy up at his blog for Fred Saberhagen, who died a little over a week ago. Williams writes about Saberhagen’s unacknowledged influence on fantasy, science fiction and horror. And he tells a couple of nice […]

Alter Ego

Curious about the people behind that mech armor and those cute anime ponytails? Here’s a neat slideshow with commentary for Alter Ego: Avatars and Their Creators a photography book of people side-by-side with their avatars. (Thanks to jane at gamegirladvance).

Now even more pissed

It’s been a little over a year since Girls Read Comics And Boy Are They Pissed began and in honor of the occasion, Karen’s committing a whole new pissed analysis to the portrayal of characters who aren’t white, heterosexual, able-bodied or young, starting with Onyx.