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Hiding Harry Potter

“Do you love Harry Potter, but think you’re too old and too awesome to be seen reading the books?” Pointless Waste of is here to help with some printready covers of some awesome phallicly-oriented fictional books.

Relative Dimensions

So much geekiness is at your disposal with Jeff Russell’s Starship Dimensions. Now you can conveniently view the relative sizes of Farscape’s Moya, a Vorlon transport from Babylon 5, the Eagle from Space 1999 and a rebel medical frigate from Star Wars. And that’s not even bringing in […]


The un-game? Real Lives is a simulation of life for most people in the world, kind of like an educational version of The Sims: “In my latest game, however, I’ve been born as a girl to an extremely poor family in rural China, and things are going to […]

Fred Saberhagen, RIP

City on Fire and Days of Atonement author Walter Jon Williams has a eulogy up at his blog for Fred Saberhagen, who died a little over a week ago. Williams writes about Saberhagen’s unacknowledged influence on fantasy, science fiction and horror. And he tells a couple of nice […]