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It’s Fun to Go to the R.W.A

The internet allows writers to do the impossible: write in isolation while in company. A writer might still face off single-handedly against blank screen, but behind the accusing blink of the cursor there are thousands of minds ready to offer information, support and catwaxing options. On the other […]

Tucker and Dale vs. Evil

Bloody Disgusting also has a trailer for and clips from another horror comedy, Tucker and Dale vs. Evil. Tucker and Dale are just trying to fix up their cabin in the woods and college kids are offing themselves all over the place. (Interview with writer/director Eli Craig here).

Even chavs like it

Amazing British series Misfits features a work crew of juvenile delinquents who get zapped by the ol’ superpower-endowing lightning. Despite the well-worn premise, excellent snappy dialogue, cultural specificity and fresh twists makes this the first SF dramedy I’ve been excited about in ages.