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The Feminine Critique: “Texas Skeptics in 3D”

At the Feminine Critique, friends of the Gutter Emily Intravia and Christine Makepeace have released “The Feminine Critique Episode 87, “wherein Christine Makepeace completely changes Emily Intravia’s opinion of The Skeptic and the ladies have a very scientifically based discussion about the impossible physics of shirts in Texas […]

Midnight Madness 2012 Trailers!

Trailers for this year’s Midnight Madness programme! Dredd 3D; Seven Psychopaths; The Lords of Salem teaser from a Rob Zombie concert; ABCs of Death; The Bay; and the much anticipated, John Dies at the End.  No One Lives; Hellbenders; Aftershock;  and Child’s Play/Come Out and Play are all […]

King of the World 3D

David Bordwell tells the story of digital projection, 3D and how James Cameron lobbied theaters to buy the technology to show the films he wants to make. Meanwhile, Christopher Nolan wants to save 35mm film.  (Thanks, Kimberly Lindbergs!)