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So Many Fan Films!

The monkeys over at See Monkey round up a whole whack of fan film action including “the greatest fan film of all time,” which “def[ies] all laws of God, man and intellectual property and cramming vastly different fictive universes — Marvel, DC, Power Rangers, Ninja Turtles, you name […]

The Man’s Got His Tricks

“Since this isn’t the story of someone finding a hidden magical world that the squares don’t know about, it’s the one about people in a story sitting around telling stories.” Chris has some things to say about Neil Gaiman in, “This Week in Ink.”

The Lonely Man

  Hit play. I used to be so impatient watching The Incredible Hulk. I curled up coloring, waiting for David Banner to transform and roar and smash through brick walls. But watching that show only for the Hulk sets any viewer up for disappointment. Instead, I’ve learned to […]