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Interview with Daniel Chong

Daniel Chong talks about We Bare Bears with Datebook. “While We Bare Bears is beloved globally, particularly in Asia, for its funny, wholesome cuddliness, Daniel Chong — the Berkeley creator of the show who set it in the Bay Area after the formative period he spent while working […]

Ice Bear is Best Bear

At first it was the way the bears were stacked atop each other that appealed to me. I’d see ads for We Bare Bears while watching other shows and think, “That is adorable and appealing.” Their shape, the color arrangement. Just the whole stacking thing. But one weekend […]

RIP, Jan Berenstain

Jan Berenstain, co-creator of the Berenstain Bears picture books, has died. She and her husband Stan wrote and illustrated the first Bears book in 1960 and it was the first of many books published by Theodore Geisel’s Beginner’s Books. The Los Angeles Times has more here.