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oh, hai! Jay Dixit ponders the humanity in lolcats (and talks to The New Yorker’s cartoons editor about them): “By articulating profound feelings through cats and marine mammals speaking garbled English, we’re able to shroud genuine emotions in pseudo-irony — which means those animals can evoke deeper emotions […]


This fascinating NY Times interview with Mad Magazine artist Al Jaffee reveals the origin of the Mad Fold-In and the process Jaffee has used to create every one since 1964 (he still doesn’t use a computer). It also includes a great slideshow of Fold-Ins past and present. What, […]

Good Grief

The following Q&A first appeared, in condensed form, in my column The Panelist for Toronto’s Eye Weekly. Here’s a special, extended version of the conversation. Collecting every Peanuts strip Charles Schulz ever drew, The Complete Peanuts will take a whopping 25 volumes and more than 12 years to […]