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Bejeweled Prison of the Mind

Infinite Lives’ Darren Zenko is given to understand that “the crack-like qualities of the Bejeweled experience were no accident, but rather the result of the kind of nefarious mind-control alchemy normally attributed in science-fiction thrillers to shadowy organizations bent on world domination.”

Game Types

A breakdown of different types of games, including: “Casual: You encounter a ferocious Grickle-Grak. Match three candies of the same type to satisfy his appetite and make him your friend.” And: “Rhythm Game: You encounter a ferocious Grickle-Grak. Match his mad raps with the right beats to defeat […]

the not-so casual gamer

As the game industry continues to expand at an alarming rate, the hunt for mindshare continues. Hardware manufacturers and game publishers don’t care about people like me, the guy that buys at least one game a month and considers part of their daily intake of current events visiting […]