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The Adventure Zone Live in Minneapolis!

Taako from TV, aspiring cooking hero Magnus Burnsides, and Beach Dwarf Cleric Merle try to survive the epicurean dangers of a cooking competition in the latest live edition of The Adventure Zone! “Is it a dream? Maybe! Tres Horny Boys find themselves in the world’s deadliest cooking competition. […]

Summer Time Reading 2020

It’s hard to recommend reading for summer fun this year. 2020 is hard, But I have some comics and if you need to take a breather from fighting for justice and punching the novel coronavirus hard, well, these comics are here for you. There are a few titles […]

Enter the Dadlands

At Adventure Zone, the McElroys enter the post-apocalyptic world of… The Dadlands. It’s hilarious. “We developed a one-page RPG titled Dadlands, a post-apocalyptic dad-based survival sim. In July, we convinced Dimension 20 DM Brennan Lee Mulligan to run a game for us.”