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NYAFF 2009 Video

Sad you couldn’t make the New York Asian Film Festival this year with all its pink films, Minoru Kawasaki and Wai Ka-Fai? It’s time to do something about it. Something sedentary, like watch the Q&A and festival fun from the comfort of your sofa or at your desk.

TCAF 2009

Miss the Toronto Comic Arts Festival this year? That’s okay, Vepo Studios made a video. And while you’re there, check out the profiles of artists like Evan Munday.

Starting a Film Festival?

“We once programmed a retrospective of old kung fu films at a local theater and our prints looked like a collection of ex-convicts who had been trained to sneak into occupied Europe and assassinate Hitler: scarred, battered, and problematic.” Grady Hendrix’s advice isn’t past its expiry date.