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“Piracy Gave Me A Future”

At Boing Boing, Daniel Starkey writes about poverty’s intellectual dead zones and how poverty gave him a future. “I don’t pirate games anymore, and I don’t support pirating games if you can afford to buy them. But when I needed it, piracy gave me hope. When I considered […]

Tough to Rank Numerically

Insult Swordfighting gives a mixed review to Deus Ex Human: Revolution: “It’s not like a lot of mediocre games that maintain a baseline of competence the whole through. Those are easy to figure out. This game consists of stratospheric highs punctuated by crushing lows.”

Return of Deus Ex

Professional curmudgeon Shamus Young finds his reservations slipping away for Deus Ex Human Revolution: “The videogame sections of this blog can be boiled down to a single long, frustrated lament at everything that’s been going wrong in the industry… The truth is, this is a really good game.”

Antagonistic Amusement

Now that the Matrix franchise has collapsed under its own hype and mystical mumbo-jumbo, it’s refreshing to see a well-executed cyberpunk tale in what is perhaps its ideal medium: the videogame. Because it’s not just about the style — the leather overcoats and the sunglasses — that shit […]