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Commodification is Inevitable

Joe Steckart has an interesting response to Patton Oswalt’s “Wake Up, Geek Culture. Time to Die“: “Reading Watchmen does not make you cool. Being able to talk about it intelligently does. The counterculture, the ineffable ‘cool,’ will always be manifesting itself in something. Right now it’s manifesting at least […]

Holiday Spirit!

Are you in the mood for some holiday spirit? Good! Make your own cute little paper Krampus! Then, together, you can watch this nice animated adaptation of a Neil Gaiman poem about Santa and this very special Anti-Xmas Special with Henry Rollins, Glenn Danzig and Krampus! (thanks, flusty […]

How To Create A Comic

Webcomic artist Brian MacLachlan has plotted out an outline to help aspiring web comics creators get going. He even answers, “Where do you get your ideas from?” Includes many references to indie and especially Canadian indie artists.  (Thanks, Humash!)