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CG Round-Up

Screen Editor Alex’s latest piece for the Gutter is one of RogerEbert.com’s daily Thumbnails. Meanwhile, at the Alcohol Professor, SF/F Editor Keith writes about the Stonewall Inn, aka, “The Bar That Launched Pride.”

The Worst Dressed Man in the Room

Diving into the fashion of Mad Men may seem a tired topic at this point, as the show rumbles into its final season. We’ve seen analysis of the clothing from stylistic, historical, and philosophical angles, and it would seem there’d be little left to say. Even the “Don […]

Two Men Walk into a Bar

Don Draper sits at a bar next to a man reading Frank O’Hara’s Meditations in an Emergency. He asks about the book and is blown off by the man who sees him as square. Fisherprof thinks about “What Frank O’Hara Tells Us about Don Draper.”