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RIP, JG Ballard

Two Ballard obituaries. One and an excerpt from two: “If there is a ¬≠Ballardian presence in the cinema, it is Lee Harvey Oswald, sitting in a darkened Dallas movie theatre in 1963, watching the Audie Murphy picture War Is Hell, waiting for the cops to pick him up.”

Wrangling Watchmen

Read everything you wanted to about the Watchmen movie? Let us wrangle you a little more. Marc Hirsch argues for the comic as its own form and Andrew O’Hehir is shocked to be writing that it “way out-darks The Dark Knight and immediately leaps near the top of […]

Ricardo Montalb√°n, RIP

Ricardo Montalbán has died. Gutter fans probably remember best his roles in Star Trek, Planet of the Apes, Fantasy Island and Spy Kids, but Montalbán had a long career and also worked hard to combat stereotypical depictions of Latinos. Linda Holmes writes about Montalbán trapped on Fantasy Island […]