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31 Days of Fright

Friend of the Gutter Evan Munday is watching a horror movie a day and writing about them as part of a fundraiser for the Toronto Rape Crisis Centre/Multicultural Women Against Rape. Read all his reviews here.

Evan’s Best of 2014

Author, illustrator, writer and friend of the Gutter Evan Munday shares a variety things in “The Best of 2014”: “Though no one will care at all and my taste is, by most measures, truly heinous, here are lists of things – namely comic books, movies, songs, and (new!) […]

Sexy Supervillian Pin-Ups

Evan Munday has created a gallery of his supervillain erotica. “[A]s I noted in one of the oddest interviews I’ve ever done, with Playboy‘s sort-of-safe-for-work site, comic readers are used to having their female characters overtly sexualized. Despite the spandex and bulging muscles, male characters just aren’t treated […]