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RIP, Bruce Surtees

Cinematographer Bruce Surtees has died. “He wasn’t afraid of having the character exist in either silhouette or total darkness and letting the dialogue do the work.” The Los Angeles Times has an excellent overview of his career with recollections from Clint Eastwood and Tom Stern.  

Breaking Point

“[A]t the age of 41, at about 94 minutes into The Divide,” Drew McWeeny writes, “I reached a breaking point, and I realized that I am pretty much incapable of sitting through one more cheap, pointless, exploitative rape in a movie.”

Interview with Marcus Hearn

At TCM’s Movie Morlocks blog, Kimberley Lindbergs interviews Marcus Hearn on Hammer Studio’s enduring legacy.  “The best of the films have now been critically rehabilitated, but it’s depressing when they’re overlooked or misrepresented as camp or trashy. So I guess I’m on something of a crusade!”