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10 Comics I Liked in 2010

Sometimes it’s easy to forget why I like comics and 2010 was a particularly tough year, in comics and otherwise. But here are 10 that reminded me why I do like them. There’s a lot of crime, anthropomorphic animals, gorgeous art, silly fun, people dealing with things the […]


This month we’re mixing it up at the Gutter, with the editors writing about something outside their usual domain. This week Ian Driscoll writes about comics. Well, mostly comics. When the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten published twelve editorial cartoons, several of which depicted the prophet Muhammad, well, you probably […]

Best of Comics 2008

Three sites for best of 2008 comics lists: Blair Butler (here and here), Jog the Blog and a million lists by a million artists.  Plus, Thought Balloonists’ 2008 highlights. Spoiler: Love is strong for Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely’s, All-Star Superman.