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Thoughts on Trolls

At PBS Idea Channel, Mike considers and then reconsiders the beneficial effects of trolls. At Kill Screen, Matthew Byrd writes about the integration of trolling into a multiplayer online gaming experience, particularly with DayZ and Demon’s Soul. (Thanks, Edie!)

“Thinking Beyond Difficulty”

“Title screens make difficulty look awfully simple; easy, normal, and hard should live up to their names, shouldn’t they? But when you start thinking about the details of how a game is going to be easier or harder, it gets much more complicated.” At Gameranx, Andrew Vanden Bossche […]

The Second Most Incredible Biblical Game

Crap Shoot reviews “the second most incredible Biblical game ever created, ever”:  The You Testament. Ricard Cobbett writes: “[You] can’t get away from the fact that this is a religious game which lets you mind control Jesus Christ and make him punch people in the face.” Also, follow […]