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“Haunted Hearts”

Friend of the Gutter Aditi Sen writes about love and loss in ghost stories at Arré. “On cold nights as thick snow rests on the ground, the ghosts of a beautiful young woman and a little girl still haunt Furnivall Manor House. Soon, the sound of an organ […]

“Hong Kong’s Own Ghostbuster”

TimeOut Hong Kong interviews Master Szeto on “haunted Hong Kong and the Hungry Ghosts Festival.” “Master Szeto Fat-ching, an acclaimed feng shui master and Hong Kong and Macau ghostbuster, is here to explain the do’s and don’ts of the festival. You might want to take heed — otherwise, […]

Ring a Ding Ding

I know this should be the thrilling conclusion to the “American Cool” trilogy, but…come on! It’s Halloween. And when the barrier is thinnest between the worlds, I like to poke through the veil and explore the places where science fiction and horror mingle in an unholy coupling. And […]

Spectres in Cinema

At The Hindu, friend of the Gutter Aditi Sen writes about ghosts and Bollywood. “Hindi cinema has not used ghosts much outside the realm of horror films, and when it has, the theme hasn’t worked very well. For example, despite the star cast of Shah Rukh Khan and […]