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Under The Dome, Reviewed

Grady Hendrix reviews episodes of the tv adaptation of Stephen King’s Under The Dome for Tor.com. Science Fiction Editor Emeritus James wrote about the book here. They are both disappointed, but their disappointment is interesting and sometimes hilarious.

The Last Canadian

Grady Hendrix reads London Free Press editor William C. Heine’s The Last Canadian, a plague-driven, apocalyptic pulp set in Montreal. Unfortunately, the protagonist’s citizenship papers haven’t come through before the plague hits.  For Canadian pulp fiction featuring full Canadian citizens, check out Tales from the Vault, curated by […]

Ending the Story Too Soon

Grady Hendrix wrote a story for Strange Horizons, “The Bright and Shining Parasites of Guiyu,” and realized he’d ended it too soon:  “In the story, the trash pickers of Guiyu work for local Chinese companies who exploit them to the hilt in order to squeeze every cent from […]