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Holiday Spirit!

Are you in the mood for some holiday spirit? Good! Make your own cute little paper Krampus! Then, together, you can watch this nice animated adaptation of a Neil Gaiman poem about Santa and this very special Anti-Xmas Special with Henry Rollins, Glenn Danzig and Krampus! (thanks, flusty […]

Krampus on Infinite Earths

Comics Alliance presents Krampus on Infinite Earths:  “Can even the combined might of the Council of Cross-Time Krampuses, including fan-favorites like Krampula, Bat-Krampus, Gun-Toting ’90s Krampus, Teenage Mutant Ninja Krampus, Mortal Kombat Krampus, and the sultry Krampess rise up to stop the planet Earth from becoming a charred […]