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Lady Bullseye and Lady Snowblood

Richie muses on Lady Snowblood in manga and film and a little on Lady Bullseye: “That a samurai revenge film from thirty years ago manages to be significantly less exploitative than anything around now speaks volumes. It is, ironically, an excellent twenty first century samurai movie, which keeps […]

Radio Free Monster Island

Surrounded on all sides by awesome monsters, monstruos and kaiju, Eegah, Tabonga and Rodan do the only thing they can. They make groovy mp3’s sampling monster movie soundtracks from all over including Hammer, Toho, American International and anything a go-go or defeated by Santo.

The Yakuza is not Your Friend

“Yakuza movies will always rock, and their heroes will always be the old-style yakuza, living and dying by their code of honor, but in real life the heroes are 603 normal people in the Kurume who are doing what the cops and the government will not: standing up […]