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Vanguard 2015

Behold the creepy, eerily beautiful, hellishly frightening and sometimes hilarious delights of this year’s Vanguard Program at the Toronto International Film Festival: Demon; February; The Missing Girl; Evolution; Lace Crater; Der Nachtmahr; Collective Invention; Love; Men & Chickens; My Big Night; Veteran; Hellions; Endorphine; Zoom; and, No Men […]

10 Comics I Liked In 2013

It’s an amazing time in comics right now. There are too many good ones for me to even read them all. Comics are like a hydra, but without the decapitation or even really the fighting. (So maybe not all that much like a hydra except I find one […]

A Little Pony Problem

Amy Harmon tells the story behind correcting a misidentified My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic character (Twilight Sparkle), elucidating The New York Times‘ correction policy and giving a glimpse of her interview with the woman she profiled in, “Navigating Love and Autism.” (Link fixed–thanks, Dr. O!)