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Best of Comics 2008

Three sites for best of 2008 comics lists: Blair Butler (here and here), Jog the Blog and a million lists by a million artists.  Plus, Thought Balloonists’ 2008 highlights. Spoiler: Love is strong for Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely’s, All-Star Superman.

2008 Madness Begins

The 2008 Midnight Madness films have been announced.  If you’re in Toronto then, you’ll have a chance to see movies like Chocolate, Detroit Metal City, JCVD and The Burrowers (no trailer) on the big screen. I’ma be there.

Red Eye

15 hours on the road and I was my own red-eye on I-94’s corridor of stripclubs, fireworks and roadkill, racing past dead deer in Michigan, then Gary, Indiana’s steel mills and through Chicagoland, the Sears Tower in the distance waiting for its evil eye, till the highway gave […]