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2 Critics Hate 2 Movies

The Incredible Hulk reviewed in Hulk-speak:  “Roth get injected with serum…. Smash cars. Tanks. Only with no trousers. Roth groin area ambiguous. Groin area look lumpy. Bumpy. Perhaps odd penis. Perhaps odd trousers. Critic … not sure.” And a deliberately spoiler-rich review of The Happening:  “I’m offering an […]

Space Monster Guilala Awakens!

After a space sabbatical of over 30 years, Space Monster Guilala returns in Minoru Kawasaki’s Monster X Strikes Back:  Attack the G8 Summit, aka Guilala’s Counterattack the Toyako Summit One-Shot Crisis.  The Guilala song, the suitmation, the kaiju movie white guy–It makes me feel good in too many […]

Death Race 2000 Remake

Well, it’s not Robosaurus rampaging through Burning Man and it doesn’t have David Carradine assassinating the man, but Death Race does have modified mustangs. Pictures and a trailer from the upcoming Death Race. (via io9)

Hong Kong Fisticuffs

Over at Kung Fu Fridays, Colin has scans of a 1973 manhua that sure looks like Tony Wong’s Little Rascals / Siu Lau Man.  (Prepare for a disturbing blend of Triad violence and manga-influenced figures).  And if that’s not enough 1973 Hong Kong fisticuffs for you, he’s got […]