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Paa! My Brain!

The poster for Paa calls it “A Very Rare Father-Son, Son-Father story.” It’s a rare father and son story where Abhisheck Bachchan plays the father of a 13-year-old boy with progeria. And who plays his prematurely aging son? His real life father, Amitabh Bachchan. Todd at 4DK has […]

The Gamer Generation’s Parenting Style

In Properly Molding the Gamer Child: “I strongly encourage both girls’ fascination with Pokemon. Pokemon provide fulfillment to every human being’s basic desire to have an army of monsters. Also, Pokemon spend all their time fighting each other, which is good. For what other reason would one want […]

The Long Road Back to Gaming

For the last nine months, I considered myself a non-gamer. Not a reformed gamer, mind you, but someone who just hasn’t had the time to dedicate to playing games or keeping up with the industry. I had been adapting to the life of a new parent; I had […]