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Summer Fun Time Reading ’23

Summer isn’t quite here, but it’s been hot and a chunk of North America is already on fire, so I thought I’d go straight ahead with my Summer Fun Time Reading recommendations. There’s Gilded Age tomfoolery, science fiction, horror, mysterious figures with antlers, UFOs, ghosts, cats with skulls […]

Now in the Public Domain!

The Public Domain Review features new books and films that have come into the public domain in the US on Jan. 1, 2023. Read more here. Meanwhile, Duke University has a resource listing sound recordings as well and discussions of copyright and the public domain here.

The Canadian Captain Marvel

“We’re going to look at a 1940s Captain Marvel story the way it saw print in Canada back in 1942. As you’ll see, this wasn’t a straight reprint of Fawcett’s Captain Marvel material (as published in CAPTAIN MARVEL ADVENTURES #24. Rather, the entire issue was completely redrawn by […]