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Revenge of the Lady Killers

 Lady killers get their revenge in this Vaultcast from Vault of Horror interviewing I Spit on Your Grave director Steven Moore and actress Sarah Butler. Vault of Horror also debates misogyny in the film with producer of both the original and the remake, Meir Zarchi. Meanwhile, ladies serve […]

Alan Moore Knows The Score

“It’s nice to hear all the old songs, isn’t it?”–the Devil, The Black Rider I was surprised to hear the old songs in Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neill’s The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Century: 1910 (Top Shelf, 2009). I probably shouldn’t have been. The chapter title, “What Keeps […]


As some of you Ernest Hemingway fans may well remember, Margaux Hemingway was the fifth person in her family to commit suicide, her death ending a Hollywood career sullied by alcohol, epilepsy, an eating disorder and life in the shadow of a more famous sister, Mariel.