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RIP, Roger Ebert

Film critic and screenwriter Roger Ebert has died.  Ebert wrote about death in 2011. His colleagues at The Chicago Sun-Times and The Chicago Tribune remember him in obituaries. This is Ebert’s final blog post, announcing, “A Leave of Presence.”  Here’s a collection of Ebert’s tweets, quotes and photos. […]

Ebert Hunts the Snark

Roger Ebert suggests that snarking “has operated almost as a reflex to smack down behavior that upsets our expectations.” And offers the case study of Joaquin Phoenix’s hip-hop persona/possible Andy Kaufmanesque performance art project.


As some of you Ernest Hemingway fans may well remember, Margaux Hemingway was the fifth person in her family to commit suicide, her death ending a Hollywood career sullied by alcohol, epilepsy, an eating disorder and life in the shadow of a more famous sister, Mariel.