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DIY; Godel

For those DIY/artsy types out there, here’s a really thorough look at making your own boardgame prototypes (it’s amazing how much you can do at home with software and simple tools!). Also, Rudy Rucker digs up some conversations with Kurt Gödel from his archives.

Infectious Enthusiasm

Sci-fi author Rudy Rucker has been busy, with four books that have come out in the last year or so. I’ve just finished reading his autobiography, Nested Scrolls, and it’s hilarious, insightful, and just about as science-fictional as his novels. You really can’t go wrong with Rucker’s books.

Inimitable Rucker

Rudy Rucker doesn’t like watching the news too closely (” I only have the one life—must I spend all of it waiting for when it’s officially okay to be happy?”)… but what to think about instead? “Long live transfinite mountains, the hollow earth, time machines, fractal writing, aliens, […]

Shutting Down the Obvious

Rudy Rucker, on his excellent photoblog / scifi-stream- of-consciousness, talks about virtual reality (with responses): “My whole point is to wake people up to the fact that the physical, daily world is inconceivably rich.”

We the People (Are Robots)

Robots! They are some of the most durable figures in pop culture — action movies have used everything from the robots who terminate to the robots who are in disguise, but not all robots show up in big budget Hollywood cheesefests. Some thoughtful stuff goes on here too. […]

Greed and the Fourth Dimension

Joe Cube is a regular Silicon Valley guy, worried about his relationship with his wife and the upcoming Y2K crisis. One day a fourth-dimensional being named Momo manifests in his house and she wants to make a deal: she’ll supply 4D antennae, and Joe can market cellphones that […]