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Rolling Stone Interviews Grant Morrison

Grant Morrison notes some things about superheroes, the comics industry, Mark Millar, sexism and rape in an interview with Rolling Stone:  “I suddenly think how many times has somebody been raped in an Alan Moore story? And I couldn’t find a single one where someone wasn’t raped except […]

Kirk in Black and White, Kirk in Color

Fren Attic writes of growing up in a family of Scottish “proto-Trekkies”: “[T]he image that burned itself on to our retinas was the bridge of the U.S.S. Enterprise. …Only this time they were devoid of their dull, grey uniforms. Kirk was yellow, Spock blue, Scotty a shocking red. […]

No Thanks, I’ve Had Enough

There’s lots to enjoy about romance novels.  The arc of character development.  The layered emotional content.  The rare and welcome sense of success (otherwise known as the happy ending).  A good romance novel is a singular pleasure.  A bad one, on the other hand, can be excruciating.