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Prince and Black American Masculinity

At The Guardian, Steven W. Thrasher writes, “Prince broke all the rules about what Black American men should be.” “Prince repelled and fascinated me because he represented every side of all the contradictions I felt. I felt nervous even looking at him, and yet I couldn’t look away. […]

Smile on the Projection Booth!

The Gutter’s own Carol joins Mike White and Kevin Heffernan to discuss the 1975 satire Smile on The Projection Booth. “We talked to a few of the stars of the film: Bruce Dern, Nicholas Pryor, Barbara Feldon, Denise Nickerson, and Annette O’Toole.”

Personal Ads of the 18th Century

The Toast shares ten real personal ads from the 18th Century from gentlemen looking for hook-ups, widows with benefits and, sometimes, marriage. But mostly hook-ups. “A Young Gentleman, desirous of avoiding a promiscuous Connection with the Fair Sex in this Town, wishes to form an Attachment with some […]