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Wolves In The Speakeasy

Speakeasy Radio hosted an tweetalong of The Company Of Wolves followed by a short podcast where Prof. Kate Laity, Ms. Angela Englert and the Gutter’s own Carol discuss the film, author Angela Carter and werewolves. Listen to the episode of Speakeasy Radio here and see all the tweets […]


It’s been just over a year since I became a partner in the Mayfair Theatre, Ottawa’s oldest operating cinema. We’ve shown a lot of films in that time (we average about 40 a month), and I’ve written the synopsis for almost every one.

RIP, Paul Naschy

Spanish icon Paul Naschy has died. He was best known for his character, the werewolf Waldemar Daninsky, but he worked in every aspect of filmmaking from the 1960s till his death. Cinebeats and FEARnet have tributes. (thanks, Colin)