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Kirk in Black and White, Kirk in Color

Fren Attic writes of growing up in a family of Scottish “proto-Trekkies”: “[T]he image that burned itself on to our retinas was the bridge of the U.S.S. Enterprise. …Only this time they were devoid of their dull, grey uniforms. Kirk was yellow, Spock blue, Scotty a shocking red. […]

If You Could Turn Back Time

You remember the ending of the original Superman movie starring Christopher Reeve, directed by Richard Donner: Superman, too late to save Lois Lane, flies around the world at tremendous speed, reversing events so he can have another chance to save her. The facts seem straightforward, but I find […]

Ricardo Montalbán, RIP

Ricardo Montalbán has died. Gutter fans probably remember best his roles in Star Trek, Planet of the Apes, Fantasy Island and Spy Kids, but Montalbán had a long career and also worked hard to combat stereotypical depictions of Latinos. Linda Holmes writes about Montalbán trapped on Fantasy Island […]