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Trapped in a World He Never Made!

Slate‘s Keith Phipps sat through Howard the Duck  and lived to be sad about it. “Howard the Duck, the movie, is as bad as you’ve heard. Actually, it’s worse. But its failings as a film have overshadowed the frequently brilliant 1970s comic book that inspired it.”

Yellow Peril

I’ve learned something reading Terry and the Pirates:  There’s no way around the yellow peril in the Golden Age. Good comics sometimes have racist renderings in them.

Lulu Eightball

I picked up Emily Flake’s Lulu Eightball collection at the Buffalo Small Press Fair and I couldn’t be happier.  Desperate millipedes, hammers with heft and a slanty take on our friend the observational humor comic strip. The weekly strips are here and here.  Her illustration work is nice, […]