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RIP, Nagisa Oshima

Director Nagisa Oshima has died. Oshima directed numerous films exploring sexuality, death and power of all kinds, including: In The Realm ff the Senses, The Empire of Passion, Japanese Summer: Double Suicide , Cruel Story of Youth and Taboo (starring a young Tadanobu Asano). He was also a […]

Red Eye

15 hours on the road and I was my own red-eye on I-94’s corridor of stripclubs, fireworks and roadkill, racing past dead deer in Michigan, then Gary, Indiana’s steel mills and through Chicagoland, the Sears Tower in the distance waiting for its evil eye, till the highway gave […]

Battlefield Asia

Looking for movies that combine big battles with the pain of Chinese history? How about: The Warlords, with Jet Li, Andy Lau and Takeshi Kaneshiro; the rape-free Mongol, with Tadanobu Asano as Temujin/Genghis Khan; An Empress and the Warriors, with Donnie Yen, Kelly Chen and Leon Lai; and […]