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Return to the Sewer with the Alligators

This year marks the 20th anniversary of The Cultural Gutter. Author and game developer Jim Munroe founded The Cultural Gutter and posted his first essay here on May 22, 2003. In 2004, Jim invited comic artist and critic Guy Leshinski to join the Gutter. They created a manifesto […]

Filmi Ladies: “Whatever Happened to?”

At the Filmi Ladies podcast, Pitu Sultan and the Gutter’s own Beth Watkins “discuss why certain stars (or not) have disappeared. Underneath it all, we’re really just wondering why people we will never meet—but about whom we have thoughts and feelings!—make the decisions that they do. Perhaps the […]

The Gutter’s own Carol on From Black (USA, 2023)!

The Gutter’s own Carol Borden watched Thomas Marchese’s From Black. “There has been a wave of horror movies about motherhood, ambivalence about motherhood and reproduction, complicated often witchy women, and grief. Films like: Jennifer Kent’s The Babadook (Australia, 2014), Lucile Hadžihalilović’s Evolution (France, 2015), Alice Lowe’s Prevenge (UK, […]

Filmi Ladies watch Ghostly Romance!

Pitu Sultan and the Gutter’s own Beth Watkins watch ghostly love stories and talk about them on the Filmi Ladies podcast! “Duvidha (1973) and Paheli (2005): two very different films from the same source material, both fantastically successful in their own ways.” Listen and watch here.