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The Feminine Critique: Strange Days

Our friends at the Feminine Critique watch Strange Days! “Fluff up that wig and jack yourself in! Christine and Emily are diving deep into Kathryn Bigelow’s 1995 sci-fi punk (and incredibly hard to find in 2020) murder mystery Strange Days. As usual, thar be spoilers! Also, a batch […]

The Feminine Critique on Jewel Heists!

The Gutter’s own Keith Allison pulls off a caper with Emily Intravia and Christine Makepeace as the Feminine Critique watches The Jewel Robbery (1928) and Danger: Diabolik (1968). “Also on the books: Christine’s hatred of 2018’s Suspiria and Keith’s expertise on some very, very unusual new trivia about […]

The Feminine Critique’s Red, Red Podcast

Our friends at the Feminine Critique watch Deep Red and Don’t Look Now! “Ciao bella, listeners! On this super Italian episode, Emily and Christine hop into their gondola and delve deep into Dario Argento’s Deep Red and Nicolas Roeg’s Don’t Look Now. We “spoil” both, but give fair […]