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Good Advice for Writers

Fantasy and Science Fiction writer Kate Elliott offers advice on revising your writing. Comics writer Gail Simone advises newly successful writers: “[H]ow do you select that perfectly awful photo for your book jacket, that one with you pretending to smoke a pipe and pretending (even less convincingly) to […]


Need a little more genre poured into your head? Listen up to the monstertastic Monster Island Resort and the horrorific Conversations in the Dark. Don’t forget our good friends Todd from 4DK and Tars Tarkas as they discuss the eternal awesomeness of Polly Shang Kuan at Infernal Brains! […]

10 Comics I Liked in 2010

Sometimes it’s easy to forget why I like comics and 2010 was a particularly tough year, in comics and otherwise. But here are 10 that reminded me why I do like them. There’s a lot of crime, anthropomorphic animals, gorgeous art, silly fun, people dealing with things the […]