Bruce Campbell on TVO

TVOntario’s Saturday Night At The Movies interviewed Bruce Campbell when he was in Toronto for Bubba Ho-Tep‘s premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival’s 2002 Midnight Madness Programme. (via Bruce-Campbell.com)  

“Whither Canadian Cinema?”

At Canadian Film Corner, Greg Klymkiw responds to Norman Wilner’s recent Now Magazine article, “Canuck Conundrum,” and Paul Corupe’s Canuxploitation blog post, “Canada’s Token 10?”:  “Celebration please, not castigation. Cineplex Entertainment is already doing a very good job in the latter department.” (via Mike White).

“Canada’s Token 10?”

Canuxploitation ponders the implications of the process used to select the Toronto International Film Festival’s annual top ten Canadian films. “Perhaps this is why TIFF’s list often appears more like a cultural promotional strategy rather than a bonafide ranking of quality. Each year the list appears to be carefully stocked with […]