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It’s been just over a year since I became a partner in the Mayfair Theatre, Ottawa’s oldest operating cinema. We’ve shown a lot of films in that time (we average about 40 a month), and I’ve written the synopsis for almost every one.

RIP, Shing Fui-On

Hong Kong star Shing Fui-On has died of cancer. Most Gutter readers likely remember him as the psychotic Triad head in John Woo’s The Killer. Here’s a clip from his leading role in The Blue Jean Monster. (And speaking Hakka with Chow Yun-Fat).

Just Under 9 Minutes of Wong Fei-Hung

Wong Fei-Hung’s been on my mind lately. Luckily, Kung Fu Cinema has a nice video (scroll down) of Wong Fei-Hung in the movies from Kwan Tak-Hing to Gordon Liu, Jet Li as well as Jackie Chan and actress Angie Tsang Tze-Man’s portrayals of young Wong Fei-Hung. There’s also […]